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brenda archambault
Houston, TX

Easy to Use

I love my cycli, easy to use and getting me much needed low impact work out for my knees. I also like the group function so I can see how I am doing against everyone and then the group my daughter and I have, keeps us both working every day.

bhajneet singh
los angeles

love it!

We love using the cycli, it has transformed my work into a combo of work/gym and has saved me an hour a day in exercise!

Ray Gulledge

A Desk Jockey's Dream!

I was in the market for an elliptical to get some cardio in between gaming sessions, and then I ran into the Cycli on a crowdfunding site. I immediately fell in love with the fact that it would fit under my desk so that I could continue cycling without taking a break from my daily routine. After I received my order, I can say that I was not let down! It was super simple to assemble, the app was easy to install and even had some great updates aver it's lifetime, and the Cycli did in fact fit just where I wanted it to. I also bought one for my fiance and we sometimes challenge each other on distance or Calories burned to saltay motivated. This is truly a great, simple product that any motivated individual should look into!

Lynn Cunningham
Tampa, FL, USA

Awesome product

I love my Cycli! I have it under my desk and use it while I am on the computer. I am getting exercise while also getting my websites done. I would be sitting here anyway, and now I can get two things done at once, work AND exercise. The Cycli is smooth to pedal, does NOT make noise, and the link function to pair with your smartphone is awesome. With the strap connected to my chair I do not roll back and I also do not hit my knees on the underside of the desk. When I am working I totally forget I am exercising because it pedals so smooth and is so quiet. The function of being able to see how others are doing on their Cycli's through the groups function helps motivate me to do more. It is truly an awesome product.

Baltimore, MD

Great customer service

My first Cycli arrived with some issues after assembly (not all the screws could be ******* in, made significant noise). I notified customer service and they immediately sent out another which worked perfectly. I can use the cycli while on conference calls and no one is the wiser. It's great! It makes it super easy to get some movement while otherwise sitting and working or watching TV. The only issue - I can't cycle while at my antique desk. It works fine at other desks/sitting areas in my house. This won't work as well with a desk that has a T bar underneath. No big deal if you can use it elsewhere. It's movable to other areas pretty easily.