Cycli Presale!

Presale orders will be delivered by April 1st!

You will receive email updates with shipping and tracking information between now and April 1st.

Cycli's Features:

  • Syncs data through the Cycli app to iPhone and Android devices
  • Tracks your calories burned, time spent exercising, distance "traveled," and repetitions completed
  • Allows private groups with your friends or public groups like the World group that you'll automatically be added to with all Cycli owners around the world!
  • Built with variable magnetic resistance for the smoothest ride ever
  • Constructed with an aluminum and steel frame that's tough, just like you
  • Comes with a touchscreen interface that displays your calories, reps, and distance; scroll through by tapping on the screen
  • Includes a rechargeable battery and charger; the battery can hold a charge for days
  • Includes a velcro strap so that your desk chair doesn't slide away from dear ol' Cycli

Cycli will retail for $199 after April 1st. Preorder your Cycli today!